Promoting well managed migration between the EU and Georgia03.06.2015

The publication “State and diaspora: international experience” was compiled by the Office of the State Minister for Diaspora Issues and finalized in cooperation with CIPDD and GYLA.
The publication provides information about policies, practices and experiences of 12 countries with regard to diaspora issues. Migration and development, as well as issues related to increasing diaspora engagement in homeland’s development process was one of the priority areas for partners within the framework of the EU funded project “Promoting well managed migration between the EU and Georgia”. Apart from 4 professional training conducted in Georgia by invited diaspora representatives, in 2014 CIPDD and GYLA have issues a case study “Diaspora and State: cases of Ireland, Italy and Slovenia”. For a country, over 1 million citizens of which are abroad, it is important to share experiences of other countries and to better plan its policies.

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