New Project!29.09.2015

New Project

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Caucasus Institute for Peace Democracy and Development introduced an innovative method of drinking water supply in village Olaverdi. The village is located 2,000 meters above sea level, near the mountain Abuli with 100 households. Olaverdi, despite being rich of water resources still lacks of drinking water. A large part of the population (about 80%) is left without drinking water

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On September 18, 2015, at 14:00
local time the Caucasus Institute form Peace, Democracy and Developmen t(CIPDD) is organizing a presentation of an innovative water supply solution in the village of Olaverdi (Akhalkalaki Municipality)

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                                                       Today is CIPDD a Birthday

The Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development (CIPDD) is a public policy think-tank, specialized in a broad area of democracy development. CIPDD was founded in 1992 in Tbilisi, Georgia. It is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organisation. It advocates policy goals such as the development of a vibrant and diverse civil society, effective and accountable public institutions based on the rule of law and an integrated political community, which at the same time respects and preserves identities of different ethnic and religious communities in Georgia.

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In August 2015 the CIPDD has been completed the project “Civil Education 2015”. Within the framework of the project, the CIPDD developed a website providing opportunities for citizens to hold their elected representatives accountable.The project aims at bridging the democratic disconnect between citizens and their political representatives in the parliament and local municipal councils.

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