Javakheti One Year after the August War


The CIPDD policy paper Javakheti One Year after the August 2008 War  written by Archil Abashidze tries to focus on problem areas which were present in the region long before the 2008 war, including issues relating to the law-enforcement and judiciary systems; employment and migration; education; disputed churches and the repatriation of Muslim Meskhetians. The author argues that majority of problems that bother local communities are not linked to the August 2008 war.


The analysis reveals that since 2004 there have been many improvements in the Javakheti region: roads are being renovated, natural gas distribution networks are being built for the first time, and an important rail link is under construction. However, there are many different and long-established problems.



It should be pointed out that recently the state has intensified its efforts to support the development of the region. However, many of actions are spontaneous and uncoordinated. In fact, there is no strategy based on complex research and there is a lack of reliable data concerning the region. There are talks about the success of projects implemented, but detailed information regarding these projects is often not accessible to the public.



The lack of sources of information accessible to minorities is connected with the lack of knowledge of the Georgian language, as well as with the deficiency of central and local information channels. Some important measures have been taken in recent years to address the problem, though the existence of free media which would serve as a forum for discussing local problems is of vital importance. Also, it is important improve the qualifications of local journalists.


The paper concludes with recommendations with regard to human rights and good governance, realization of economic rights, education, media and cultural rights for the central and local authorities, as well as NGOs and international agencies working in the region.

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