The Project: 18.11.2016

The Project: “Religion, State and Society”

Donor the National Endowment for Democracy (NED)

The project aims :to study the religious communities of Georgia and Azerbaijan and how they interact with the government and other segments of society.

The institute will study:
the role of religion in political life, the state of religious radicalism, and degree of religious freedom in both countries.

CIPDD will develop reports for each country, and host a series of seminars and round tables to discuss the findings.

Project title:Promoting Migration Management in Georgia through Research-based Advocacy, Awareness, Networking and Use of Technologies

Donor: EU

Short title:"Improvement of Migration management in Georgia"

Donor: 1. Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development/CIPDD (Georgia) 2. International Committee for the Development of Peoples /CISP (Italy, Armenia) 3. International Cooperation Agency of the Association of Netherlands Municipalities/VNG (The Netherlands) 4. Ray of Hope/ROH (Georgia)

Timeframes : July 6th, 2016 – July 6th,2017

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Title: Religion, Society and Politics in Georgia
Donor: ASCN, University of Fribourg
Duration: 2015-2016

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 Name of project: Civic Education and Engagement 2014-2015
Amount requested:
Project period: 1 March 2014 – 31 December 2015
Project Coordinator: Tamar pataraia 

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Project Local Initiatives for Local Development Implementer Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development/CIPDD Donor Brot für die Welt/Bread for the World
Duration 2014-2016
Location Tbilisi, Adjara, Samtskhe-Javakheti, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli

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