On december 18, 2012. The Georgian president announced a contest "Projects and initiatives to promoute and Strengthen the Civil Sector and Independent Media in Georgia". The caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and development (CIPDD) is pleaced to announce that it has been selected as one of the winners of the contest and awarded 800 thousand Gel for the implementation of a program to strengthen Georgian Civil Society and independent media institutions.

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                                                  Happy New Year!

In CIPDD resource centre you have an opportunity to find a new book "Public Administration: An Action orientation" by Robert Denhardt & Janet Denhardt. In this book authors instruct readers on how to influence the operations of public agencies-helping them learn to get involved and effect positive changes, regardless of whether they are working outside the agency as citizens or within the agency as managers. Authors try to increase students' chances of being effective by developing practical skills such as personal management, communication, delegation, motivation, and decision making.

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On november, 17. 2012  in the  framework of the project "Provision of humanitarian assistance of  repatriates and prevention of self-repatriation"(Partner "Toleranti") was held meeting.
Venue: CIPDD office

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