Improving Democratic Governance of the Security Sector in Georgia by Empowering Civil Society23.05.2017

Objectives and results of the action
Aim – to improve the quality, accountability and transparency of Georgia’s public security institutions thereby enhancing democratic governance and protecting human rights. Through the project, policy dialogue between Georgian civil society and government on small arms issues will be fostered, thereby creating opportunities to enhance democratic governance of the security and provide a mechanism for greater civil society input into policy making in this area.

Target groups
– civil society actors, including NGO’s, research institutions, students, journalists, issue pressure groups, parliamentarians, government officials and administrative staff.

Main activities
– civil society capacity building and training; creating of national arms and security working group; development and publication of a national strategy and action plan on small arms and related security issues; an audit of the state of democratic governance in Georgia with specific emphasis on the role of civil society


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