Project Title: South Caucasus experts network for IDP-s return/restitution issues policy facilitation30.05.2017

Project Objectives

Long-term Objectives

* Reflection of the IDP`s interests and rights in the long term strategic approach on IDP`s return/restitution issues



Short-Term Objectives:

• Gain support from governmental experts regarding the issue of IDP`s return/restitution

• Influence governmental policy formulation and implementation regarding IDP-s issues and

increase interagency links among NGOs and state agencies on both national and regional levels



Project Outcomes:

• The establishment of a South Caucasus Experts Network and the presenting of the results of the IDP`s return/restitution initiatives to interested parties through dialogue and discussion, and the facilitation of dialogue with relevant stakeholders

• The creation of a general guideline regarding IDP return/restitution issues for political support

• The presenting of expert knowledge on the given topics to interested parties such as state universities, non-governmental organizations, and international organizations.




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