Memory Project2021

Project Title:                 Memory Project
Implementer:               Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development/CIPDD
Project duration:          1january 2021- 31 December 2021
Donors to the action:   Concilation Resources (CR)
Project Coordinator:     Marina Elbakidze
Budget:                        €38. 540 00

The purpose of this grant is: to support continued work on the memory
Project activities shall include to:

*Set up a resource centre /library for researchers interested in the Georgian-Abkhaz conflict
*Arrange a mini- exhibition comprised of exhibition materials- photos, newspapers, videos. audio, etc. february-March *Organise and implement a competition for Masters students on the "Dealing with the Past" theme (February-March) *Organise place with the participation of people who participated in the events of 1989-1995 lived through this period themselves
*Organise 6 discussions on Dealing with the past-April-December 2021
*Organise 10 giuided tours of the mini exhibition -APRIL-DECEMBER 2021

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