After Putin, the Flood? Succession and Authoritarian Continuity in Russia10.06.2023

After Putin, the Flood? Succession and Authoritarian Continuity in Russi

This article explores various transition scenarios following Vladimir Putin's hypothetical (yet inevitable) demise, whether a planned succession or sudden death, and how this transition might affect Russia's position in the Eurasian region. Based on examples from similar autocratic regimes in the region , which have experienced both planned and unplanned transitions, the article argues that after Putin, the autocratic nature of Russia is likely to endure. This would entail a continuity of Russia's foreign policy too, including its war in Ukraine."
Viktor Blichfeldt is a student of Central and East European, Russian and Eurasian Studies, an Erasmus Mundus double degree program at the Universities of Glasgow, Tartu and Ilia State in Tbilisi, Georgia, where he currently resides. Blichfeldt's academic interests focus on authoritarianism and right-wing extremism in the Eurasian

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