Project title: CIVICUS - the Civil Society Research in Georgia 06.11.2012

Project title: CIVICUS - the Civil Society Research in Georgia
Project coordinator: Paata Gurgenidze
Duration: 1.10.2008-3.09.2009 Amount: 32 000 USD
Co-funding: Open Society Georgia Foundation


The overall goal of the proposed action is to create active and effective national and international platforms for knowledge-based actions for the strengthening of civil society. Through the CSI process knowledge will be generated and shared among civil society stakeholders and the civil society’s capacity and commitment will be increased. Civicus Civil Society Index is a tool which enables to assess current state of civil society and to formulate comprehensive strategy of development of sector. Following dimensions of Civil Society work are covered by research: · Civic Engagement: The extent to which individuals engage in social and policy-related initiatives · Level of Organisation: The degree of institutionalisation that characterises civil society (measured through an analysis of civil society organisations) · Practice of Values: The extent to which civil society practices some core values · Perceived Impact: The extent to which civil society is able to impact the social and policy arena, according to internal and external perceptions. · External environment: The above four dimensions are analysed in the context of a fifth dimension that the CSI calls the ‘external environment’, which includes the conditions (e.g. socio-economic, political and cultural variables) within which civil society operates. Based on research outcomes a Civil Society Diamond will be built combining indicators to provide a visual display of different dimensions and their respective values in a common space, using the same or comparable metrics. The Diamond’s size seeks to portray an empirical picture of the state of civil society, covering structural and normative manifestations, but also encompassing the conditions that support or inhibit civil society's development as well as the consequences of civil society's activities for society at large. Implementing the CSI will give an opportunity to civil society actors and relevant stakeholders to network, raise awareness around critical issues, promote participation and reflection and thereby build capacity for civil society.

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