Project title: Nation wide CSO network 06.11.2012


The proposed project aims to increase capacity of local communities’ representatives’ policy analyses and advocacy skills, advance understanding of legal framework of civil participation, foster communication and cooperation between local civil society representatives and local authorities on regional development issues, and encourage partnership relations between CSOs from different regions and exchange of best practices among them. Goal/Objectives 

                                             The proposed project’s general objective is:

to support development of inclusive and transparent policy-making practices on local levels through pursuing the following objectives
* enhance policy analyses and advocacy capacities of local civil society groups’ for active participation in civil and political life of their respective regions and country at large;
* encourage inter-regional cooperation of civil society organizations and exchange of best practices among them; * foster cooperation between local civil society groups and local authorities on particular public policy issues; * expand network of Georgian CSOs created in previous project (CSO exchange program) Beneficiaries The project’s direct beneficiaries will be regional NGO activists (12 persons) and their respective organizations (primarily those involved in the project) throughout Georgia; indirect beneficiaries will be local communities, concerns of which will be better advocated by local activists and CSOs.

                                                               Activities Stage:

1 – Identification of participants Stage
2 – Participants’ training-seminar
Stage 3 – Field research and preparation of policy paper
Stage 4 – Advocacy Stage 5 – Evaluation

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