Project title: Improving the Level of Transparency in Georgian Government through Promoting Policy Analyses Practice and Empowering Public Discourse06.11.2012

Project title: Improving the Level of Transparency in Georgian Government through Promoting Policy Analyses Practice and Empowering Public Discourse
Project coordinator: Tamara Pataraia
Duration: 1.09.2008-30.06.2009
Donor: U.S. Embassy


The goal of the project is the promotion of good governance in Georgia through improvement of decision making practices and greater involvement of the civil society in policy analysis and the dialogue with state agencies. The specific objective of the project is to create an opportunity for experts and representatives of other stake holder groups to express their views about state policies in some of the policy areas; raise the intellectual level of political discourse in the country and influence the state policy formulation as it is assumed that increased level of communication and participation is a key to increased quality of decision-making .


Activity 1:
Management and coordination of the project activities
Activitiy 2: Small scale research to map out the failures of the state policies A small-scale research will be carried out in the framework of the project in order to identify failures and shortfalls of the current state policies in the fields of economy, social affairs, and sustainable development. The research will be carried out by two researchers and include expert interviews, two focus group meetings, and a study of official policy papers and government’s policy priorities. Two focus group meetings (attended by experts in relevant fields) will be organized in order to identify the most urgent problems in the public policy sphere, namely in the economic and sustainable development areas. If the meetings do not achieve their purpose and four main problems are not identified, the project team will hold the third meeting.
Activity 3: Working on Policy Analyses Based on the research results, four main problem areas will be identified and a policy analyst (or two analists) will start dealing with each of them. In the end four policy papers will be finalised and presented to the public. The policy analysis text-book methodology will be the main research toolwill be the main research tool for experts working on the papers.
Activity 4 : Round Table Discussions Four round table meetings will be organized to discuss the findings of the policy analysis. Among participants of the discussions will be representatives of state institutions and civil society organizations, independent experts and journalists. All of them will be given enough time to review the reports and actively participate in the discussion. Media representatives will cover the discussion topics in their media outlets. The media coverage will help acheive one of the project results: an increase in the public knowledge and awareness of the issue.
Activity 5: Preparation of Policy Briefs The analysts will prepare Policy Briefs on each of the topics on the basis of the discussion results. The policy briefs, in Georgian and in English, will be then published and distributed among state and non-state actors. In addition, they will be available at the CIPDD web-page.
Activity 6: Editing, translation (in English) and publication of policy briefs

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