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Date: 2007    
Title: Newspapers outside the capital: how international assistance influenced print media in Georgia's regions 
Author(s): Malkhaz Saldadze, Giorgi Shubitidze; general supervision by Ghia Nodia  (CIPDD) 
Project and donor: The Georgian regional media development and public accountability project funded by the European Commission 
Languages: EnglishGeorgian 
Pages: 183 (English), 202 (Georgian)

The CIPDD in partnership with the IWPR launched the third phase of research of the development of the Georgian regional media in December 2005. The study was conducted under the Georgian regional media development and public accountability  project. The goal of the first two phases of the project was to describe and analyze the general picture of the Georgian regional media which resulted in publishing by CIPDD of Georgia's Regional Media Map. The objective of the third phase was to measure the effect of the activities which the IWPR carried out in cooperation with the newspapers that were selected for the project. 
The study was conducted by Malkhaz Saldadze, Giorgi Shubitidze and Merab Tsindeliani.

Main findings of the study 
1. Ajaria
2. Imereti
3. Kakheti
4. Samtskhe-Javakheti
5. Shida Kartli
6. Kvemo Kartli and Samegrelo - Zemo Svaneti 
7. Main findings of the comparative study 
Social, economic and political aspects of regional media development on Georgia; 
28 February - 1 March 2007 

Georgia's Regional Media Map

Date: December 2005 
Title: Regional Media Map of Georgia (II)
Author(s): Malkhaz Saldadze  (CIPDD) 
Giorgi Shubitidze (CIPDD)
General supervision by Ghia Nodia  (CIPDD) 
project and donor: Joint project Georgia Regional Media Development and Public Accountability of CIPDD and the Institute for War and Peace Reporting/ IWPR. Financed by the European Commission within the framework of the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights.
Languages: GeorgianEnglish 
Pages: 286 (English), 310 (Georgian)
                                              © CIPDD 

In December 2003 CIPDD initiated a study of the media situation in the regions of Georgia. The purpose of the study was to draw a general picture of media development in the regions ofGeorgia and to identify major problems that hinder the media development – especially the print media – in the regions, and also to find ways to improve the work of regional media organizations. 
The first stage of the study comprised 15 towns in various regions of Georgia: Akhalkalaki, Akhaltsikhe, Batumi, Bolnisi, Gori, Gurjaani, Telavi, Zugdidi, Lanchkhuti, Marneuli, Senaki,Kutaisi, Poti, Chokhatauri and Khashuri. The small number of sites can be explained by the fact that the objective of the study at that stage was to draw a general picture that would enable the project to identify practical priorities. As the result of this stage a first and incomplete version of Media Map of Georgia was created. 
In April 2004, CIPDD started to implement the second stage of the study comprising all regions of Georgia, which resulted creation of this publication. 
The study is based on interviews done locally by the CIPDD researchers with representatives of the media, local government, civil organizations and societies, and also with randomly selected members of the public. In addition, an analysis of media production has been used.  


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