● Increases accessibility to parliamentary procedural information for the general public, and improves the transparency of the lawmaking process.
● Raises awareness of citizens about their representatives in Parliament and the decisions made on their behalf.
● Encourages greater involvement of citizens in the legislative process.

                                          shenmartav.ge has three major features:

1. What laws are being adopted: Citizens can keep an eye on bills and draft law hearings in an easily understandable format. They can subscribe to SMS alerts to stay updated about pending legislation, and see reviews of the latest draft laws in a weekly digest.
2. Who passes laws: Citizens can view votes cast by their elected MPs, the number of votes attended by each MP, and MPs’ annual financial declarations. MPs can be filtered by numerous criteria, including party and electoral district in the case of majoritarian MPs.
3. Ask a question: Citizens can send questions in written form to their representatives. A question can be asked using either the website or SMS, and the MP’s answer will be provided on the website and will be sent back to that person’s mobile phone as well.
The website will also show the percentage of questions that each MP answers so that users can easily judge how responsive MPs are to their constituents. The website includes moderation to avoid irrelevant and inappropriate questions. During the next stage of the project the website will be expanded and some new components will be added.
shenmartav.ge is made possible by the generous support of our donors: European Partnership for Democracy, Kingdom of the Netherlands, Open Society Institute and in partnership with Participate.ge and Press Freedom Consortium.

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