CONFIDENCE-BUILDING IN MOLDOVA: Domestic and External Security Challenges25.08.2016

Moldova’s security requires a consistent response to home-grown corruption and the risk of resulting political destabilisation alongside the risks posed by the Russia-Ukraine conflict and information warfare. CONFIDENCE-BUILDING IN MOLDOVA: DOMESTIC AND EXTERNAL SECURITY CHALLENGES assesses the priorities for a security strategy to rebuild trust among citizens and strengthen international co-operation to diffuse conflicts in the neighbourhood and to settle the Transnistria conflict.

By Corneliu Ciurea, an independent security
expert and Victoria Bucătaru, a Programme Director of the
Foreign Policy Association, Moldova.
Edited by Jeff lovitt.

This policy paper was produced in the framework of the CIPDD Project "Security Alert on the EU’s Eastern Doorstep", supported by the EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme. The aim of the project is to raise
awareness about the EaP security challenges and to develop a comprehensive vision for the region.

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