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On November 22 the delegation made up of officials from the Eastern Partnership, Western Balkan states and Poland visited Georgia to negotiate visa liberalization issues with Georgian colleagues.

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In CIPDD resource centre you have an opportunity to find The Economist; Issues since November.

In CIPDD resource centre you can find a book edited by Mzia Mikeladze and Aaron Erlich "Challenges Facing Effective Governance in Georgia". The authors emphasize the fact that the public policy arena should be opened up by a joint action of the government, political parties, interest groups and NGOs. In this book authors examine four case studies from different sectors of the Georgian government, which deal with several issues: Mutual accountability, citizens' participation in local decision-making, ethical standards in the health care system and civil registry reforms.

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in CIPDD resource centre you have an opportunity to find a new book edited by Horizonti Foundation "Government and Third Sector: Emerging Relationships in Welfare States".

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