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Tiko Tkeshelashvili has received the EaP CSF award for one of the three best re-granting projects! #EaPCSF16
Many thanks to all those, who have participated in designing and implementation of the project "Security Alert on the EU`s Eastern Doorstep" Ghia Nodia , Jan Pieklo, Hanna Shelest, Victoria Bucătaru, Richard Giragosian, Tamara Pataraia, Zaur Shiriyev and others. Special thanks to Jeff Lovitt!


                                             Security Alert on the EU`s Doorstep -
                                            Key recommendations for Armenia, Georgia and Azerbaijan


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Projects seeks to contribute to livelihood Improvement and reduction of poverty  and educationin  through community mobilization around local problems analysis.Opening centre of youth in Khashuri

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This policy paper was produced in the framework of the Project Security Alert on the EU’s Eastern Doorstep, by the Caucasus Institute for Peace, Democracy and Development/CIPDD (Georgia), in partnership with the Foreign Policy Association (Moldova) and the NGO Promotion of Intercultural Cooperation (Ukraine). The project is supported by the EaP CSF Re-granting Scheme. 

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გორი, დაუნთაუნი. ინიციატივა. დოკუმენტური ფილმი

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